Date: May 13, 2013

Bulletin Number: UCS-195



End of Calendar Year 2013 Processing for Judges


To provide information to UCS regarding the end of calendar year 2013 (Pay Period 20C) processing for judges in the Unified Court System.

Affected Employees

Judges in the Unified Court System.


Based upon an agreement between the Chief Administrative Judge and the Office of the State Comptroller, beginning in calendar year 2005, the statutory salary of judges is paid in twenty-six (26) equal installments. See Payroll Bulletin UCS-82.

For calendar years that contain twenty-seven (27) paychecks, judges, similar to elected officials in the Legislature, do not receive a payment in the last paycheck of December.

Since January 1, 2014 is a holiday and paychecks will be dated Tuesday, December 31, 2013, calendar year 2013 is the first year that has 27 paychecks since the implementation of these payment procedures in 2005.   Judges, as a result, will not receive a paycheck for Pay Period 20C dated December 31, 2013.

OSC Action

OSC will provide more information about the processing details in a future bulletin.


Agency Actions

UCS should inform judges that they will receive their 2013 statutory salary over twenty-six (26) pay periods ending with paychecks dated December 18, 2013, and will not be receiving a twenty-seventh (27) paycheck for Pay Period 20C.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Earnings mailbox.