Payroll System Replacement Project

PaySr Bulletins - Unified Court System

Subject: Payment of UCS Uniform Allowance and
Training Stipend
Bulletin No. UC18
Date: 12/8/98
Uniform Allowance

OSC will automatically apply the $500.00 Uniform Allowance payment for active employees in NU SY and SR. For employees in NU SY or SR who are ineligible for the payment, agencies must delete the Uniform Allowance row in Time Entry.

Payments will be included in the employees regular paycheck dated December 23, 1998.

Time Entry Procedures

To pay an employee the Uniform Allowance who was not automatically paid:

1. Earnings Begin Date enter: 112698
2. Earnings End Date enter: 112698
3. Earn Code enter: UA5
4. Amount enter: payment amount

Judicial Training Bonus

OSC will automatically apply the $850.00 Training Bonus for NU S9 using earnings code JTB. This payment will be a separate check dated December 23, 1998. For employees with direct deposit, this payment will be issued as a direct deposit transaction. If an employee is ineligible for the payment, the agency must contact their auditor to delete the payment.


There will be no special tax calculation. The PaySR annualized tax method is used for all payments. For employees receiving a separate check (Training Bonus) who have an additional tax amount in their record, the additional tax will be included in the tax calculation as done in a regular check.

Payroll Register/Check Stubs

The appropriate earnings code and amounts will be displayed on the payroll register and check stub for the Uniform Allowance and the Judicial Training Bonus.


Attachment 1

AMOUNTS TO BE PAID in December 1998 PaySR Earnings Code UA5

Listed below are the amounts to be paid based on negotiating units (and title codes):

NYS Supreme Court Officers (NU-SY) - $500  This entire unit consists of uniformed titles.


The following units consist of uniformed and non-uniformed titles:

NYS Court Officers Association (NU-SR) - $500
COBANC (NU-DR) - $500
Suffolk County Court Employees (NU-F8 security series) - $500
Civil Service Employees Association (NU-87) - $720
Ninth Judicial District (NU-G9) - $720
Suffolk County Court Employees
Driver Mssngr., Ct. Aide, Spvg. Ct. Aide
(NU-F8) - $225
Unrepresented (NU-86)
Chief of Security, Director, Court Security Srvs.,    $225
Asst. Dir. Sec. Srvs. NYC, Asst. Dir. Sec. Srvs. Out. NYC    $225
Asst. Dir. Sec. Srvs. Trng., Chief Security Training Officer    $225
Security Field Coordinator, Security Program Specialist    $225
Court Security Specialist, Security Coordinator    $720

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