Date: March 12, 2010

Bulletin Number: UCS-158



Senior Officer Series (SOS) Differential Increase for Eligible Employees Represented by Bargaining Units SY, DR, F8 and 87


To explain OSC’s automatic processing of the SOS increase.

Affected Employees

Eligible employees in Bargaining Units SY, DR, F8 and 87.


Chapter 276 of the Laws of 2008 authorizes the continuation of this payment and an increase in the annual earnings amount.

Effective Date(s)

Effective 4/1/10 - Paychecks dated 4/28/10, Pay Period 1L.

Payment Provisions and Eligibility Criteria

Non-judicial officers and employees who hold the position of Senior Court Officer or New York State Court Officer-Sergeant who are currently receiving SOS earnings will have their SOS earnings increased to $2,751.00 or a prorated amount based on their work percentage.

Agencies should refer to Payroll Bulletin UCS-108 for eligibility information.

OSC Actions

After payroll processing is completed for Pay Period 1L, OSC will insert an SOS (Senior Officer Series Differential) row on Additional Pay, dated 4/1/10 with the increased amount for employees receiving SOS earnings.

Control-D Reports

The Control-D report titled Mass Additional Pay Report (NHRP703) will be available for agency review after the automatic payments are processed.

This report identifies all employees whose SOS earnings were updated.  The report will be sorted by DeptID and then by employee name in alphabetical order.  Fields on the report include EmplID, Employee Record #, Employee Name, Earns Code (SOS – Senior Officer Series Differential), Grade, Salary Plan, Bargaining Unit, Part Time Percentage and Updated Max Effective Dated Amount.


Questions about processing transactions may be directed to the Non-Executive Audit mailbox.