Date:November 16, 2007
Bulletin Number: UCS-123

Ratification Bonus Payment for Certain UCS Employees


To provide agencies with instructions for entering the payments.

Affected Employees

Represented and unrepresented employees in the following bargaining units who meet the eligibility criteria defined below:

Represented employees in Bargaining Units SA, SR, SN, G9, F8, DR, SG, S9, SK, SD and 87.

Unrepresented employees in Bargaining Units CT, 86 and 88.


Chapter 587 of the Laws of 2007 authorizes an $800 Bonus Payment to eligible employees.

Effective Date(s)

Payments may be made in Pay Period 15L, paychecks dated November 14, 2007.

Eligibility Criteria

The legislation provides an $800 Bonus Payment to be paid to employees who moved into an eligible bargaining unit (listed above) between the bargaining unit’s original ratification date and 2/28/06.

The ratification dates were:


DR, F8, S9, SA, SD, SG, SN, SR


G9, SK


87, CT, 86, 88

Employees may receive only one (1) Bonus Payment.

The Bonus Payment is not prorated for part-time or hourly employees.

Agency Actions

Agencies must submit RBP (Ratification Bonus Payment) on the Time Entry page for all eligible employees using the following information:

Earn Code:

RBP (Ratification Bonus Payment)

Earnings Begin Date:

8/15/07 or last date in eligible bargaining unit

Earnings End Date:

Same as Earnings Begin Date

Payment Amount:



Questions regarding this Bulletin may be directed to your Payroll Auditor.