Date: November 18, 2016

Bulletin Number: 1526

Subject Use of the New York State Employee ID in the New York State Payroll System

Purpose To remind agency personnel to take steps to safeguard employee information.

Affected Employees

All New York State Employees paid through the New York State Payroll System.

Background In November of 2012, OSC created a new employee identifier in the payroll system to eliminate the use of social security number as the main employee identifier.  The NYS employee number should be safeguarded.

Effective Date(s)


Agency Actions  Agency personnel should take appropriate steps to safeguard the NYS EmplID as well as all employee data in the Payroll System.  Agency personnel should take the following steps to protect the data:
  • Treat the EmplID as a confidential identifier
  • Do not publish the NYS EmplID on training rosters or sign in sheets that others can see
  • Do not use the NYS EmplID as an ID or a password in any online systems
  • Do not leave printouts with employee data on a shared printer
  • Shred any printed reports once the reports are no longer needed
  • Do not share the NYS EmplID with anyone who is not authorized to use this number in the course of performing NYS business
  • Do not leave employee data out in the open when you’re not at your desk.
Questions Questions regarding the use of the NYS EmplID should be directed to the Payroll Systems Questions mailbox.