Date: September 29, 2016

Bulletin Number: 1507

Subject Changes to Review Paycheck

Purpose To notify agencies of changes to the Review Paycheck page in PayServ.


A “Cashed” check box has been added to the Review Paycheck page in PayServ.  All checks that are cashed on or after September 6, 2016 will be marked as “Cashed” using this check box. These changes have been added as part of the new uncashed payroll check outreach process.  Paychecks cashed before September 6, 2016 will not have the “Cashed” box checked.  Paychecks that are split and paid by check and direct deposit will be marked as “Cashed” when the check is cashed.  There is no impact to direct deposit; when the full paycheck is direct deposit the “Cashed” box will remain blank.

Effective Date(s)

Any checks cashed on or after September 6, 2016.
Agency Actions Agencies should verify in Review Paycheck that the “Cashed” box is not checked before requesting: stop payments, reissued paychecks, paycheck reversals or exchanges.

OSC Actions OSC will run a daily program to update Review Paycheck for each check cashed the previous day.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.