Date: December 12, 2012

Bulletin Number: 1219



Preparing Queries for the PayServ Upgrade from PeopleSoft v.8.9 to v.9.1.


To notify agencies of the process in PS Query for renaming and designating queries to be included in the upgrade.

Affected Employees

All PS Query users.

Effective Date(s)



OSC is preparing to upgrade PayServ from PeopleSoft version 8.9 to version 9.1. Query users must review all current Public and Private queries to identify the queries to be included in the upgrade. The queries to be included in the upgrade must be renamed no later than January 31, 2013 to reflect the naming standards described in this Bulletin. Queries renamed prior to January 31, 2013 will be upgraded and tested. Queries renamed after January 31, 2013 will be upgraded, but may not be tested. Queries that have not been renamed will not be upgraded and will not be available after the upgrade.

Instructions for Renaming Queries

Guidelines for Renaming Public and Private Queries

Query users should:

  1. Rename any Public query that will be needed after the upgrade according to the new naming convention below. 
    1. Users should not delete any Public queries.
  2. Determine which of their Private queries will be needed after the upgrade.
    1. If there is a comparable Public version of their Private Query, the user should rename only the Public Query.
    2. If a Private query will be needed, and no Public version exists, the user should rename the Private version according to the new naming convention outlined below.  (Public and Private queries cannot have identical names).
    3. If a Private query will not be needed, the user should delete the query.

The naming convention for PS Query modules to be brought forward to version 9.1 will be comprised of a prefix, the existing descriptive name and a suffix (for Private queries only), as described as follows:

  • Prefix - all queries to be upgraded should be renamed with a prefix of Q91_.  Please include the underscore character before the body of the query name.
  • Existing Query Name - The existing PS Query name should remain as-is, whenever possible.  Some query names may have to be modified to include the prefix and suffix, due to the 30 character limit on query names.

Additional Guidelines for Renaming Private Queries

  • Suffix – The suffix should be added to Private queries only. It represents the priority assigned by the user who has designated the Private query to be upgraded.  The suffix must be one of the following:
    • _P1: Indicates the query is deemed Critical:  the query is required to accurately produce or verify [i.e. audit] significant portions of every payroll.  Only 25% of renamed queries should be given a priority status of P1.
    • _P2: Indicates the query is of Medium priority, meaning the query is important for use in post-payroll activities or used on a less frequent, periodic basis [e.g. monthly or quarterly]. 
    • _P3: Indicates that the query is of relatively Low priority, meaning the query is submitted on a somewhat regular basis, but less frequently than the higher priority ones and/or has less critical use.  Upgrading these queries will be done as resources are available.

OSC has created a guide to Deleting and Renaming Queries for agency use.

Agency Actions

Payroll officers should distribute this bulletin to all query users in their agency.

Query users should:

  • Review all Private and Public queries they created and any Public queries they created and any Public queries associated with their agency code that they run. (Most Public query names begin with an agency code.)
  • Rename any query to be migrated to the upgraded version.
  • Save newly created queries according to the new naming conventions.

The PS Query renaming phase must be completed by January 31, 2013. 


Questions about this bulletin or the Query upgrade procedures may be e-mailed to the Query Help mailbox.