Date: November 13, 2012

Bulletin Number: 1204



Reserving an Empl ID in PayServ Prior to Entry of the New Hire Transaction.


To inform agencies of new functionality that allows agencies to reserve (i.e. pre-assign) a system assigned Empl ID in PayServ. 

Affected Employees

Agencies who may need to reserve (i.e. pre-assign) an Empl ID prior to the actual data entry and save of the new Hire transaction in PayServ. 

Effective Date(s)

The new feature for reserving an Empl ID will be available in the PayServ application on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.  


As a result of SSN Decoupling, a new process has been created in PayServ to allow agencies to reserve, or pre-assign, a system assigned Empl ID.

Agencies will be able to reserve a system assigned Empl ID, for use in preparing time reports or for other agency purposes, before the new Hire transaction for an employee has been completed in PayServ. 

NOTE: The employee must be hired in the system before the reserved Empl ID can be used for other transactions. 

OSC Actions

To reserve an Empl ID, navigate to:

Workforce Administration > Job Information > NYS Employee ID Request

NYS Employee ID Request

  • Reserving an Empl ID requires the entry of a Social Security Number and is only available when the employee has a Social Security Number. 
  • When the SSN and DeptID fields are entered and the SAVE push button is clicked, the system will assign the next available Empl ID based on the last Empl ID assigned in the system installation table.
  • The new Empl ID will be an 8-digit number prefixed by the letter N.
  • The new Empl ID will be displayed on the page in the Empl ID field.
  • The reservation expires approximately sixty (60) days after the request is recorded.  If a hire transaction corresponding to the SSN is not completed within 60 days, the reservation will be deleted. 

NOTE:  The reserve Empl ID feature is optional.  It is not a prerequisite to entering the new Hire transaction.  Agencies can enter new Hire transactions without pre-assigning an Empl ID. 

All new hire transactions entered on-line, directly into PayServ will display the Person ID value of "NEW" until the transaction is saved.   When the transaction is SAVED, the Empl ID will be displayed.

If a user enters a New Hire transaction on-line, directly into PayServ, and an Empl ID has been reserved (or pre-assigned), the value "NEW" will be displayed in the Person ID field and will be grayed out until the new hire transaction is saved.  When the transaction is saved, the system will evaluate the pre-assigned Empl ID table to determine if an Empl ID was reserved for the person.  If a reserved Empl ID is found for the Social Security Number associated with the New Hire transaction, the system will assign and display the Empl ID that was pre-assigned.

For more information on changes to the online Hire transaction, see Bulletin No. 1203.

Agency Actions

Review the procedure to reserve an Empl ID to ensure users who process new hires understand how to use the new functionality.

Agencies can search for a pre-assigned Empl ID by querying record NY_EMPLID_RQST.  Only SSNs and pre-assigned Empl IDs reserved by a Department to which the user has access can be viewed.  There will be a one (1) day delay from when the NYS Emplid was reserved before this query can be run.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll System Questions mailbox.

Please visit the Payroll Enhancement Program Web page at the OSC Internet site (http://www.osc.state.ny.us/payroll/pep.htm) for additional updates on SSN Decoupling and other changes.