Date: November 1, 2012

Bulletin Number: 1198



Changes to Automated Interface transaction processing (for AI Agencies Only) in PayServ resulting from SSN Decoupling.


To provide agencies information regarding changes in the processing of Automated Interface transactions and files as a result of the SSN Decoupling project.

Affected Employees

Agencies submitting transactions via Automated Interface

Effective Date(s)

All Automated Interface transaction files submitted after 12:00 noon on Friday, November 9, 2012 will be processed in accordance with the changes described in this Bulletin.


OSC is converting from using the Social Security number as the EMPLID in PayServ to using the NYS EMPLID, a system assigned number. This conversion results in a change to the way the Automated Interface files will be processed.  These changes impact the EMPLID field data value for the following Automated Interface submissions:

  • New Hire transactions
  • Rehire, Concurrent Hire and Transfer transactions

Note:  This Bulletin describes the AI processing for the above types of transactions (i.e., New Hire Transactions and Rehire, Concurrent Hire and Transfer transactions. It is important to not that all other transaction types  submitted to A.I. will need to have the new NYS Employee Id loaded into the EMPLID field [starting position 55 ].

OSC Actions

  1. Changes to the New Hire Process
    Temporary IDs must be entered into the Empl ID Field for New Hires (A.I. Agencies Only)
      • Agencies who submit New Hire transactions via Automated Interface can submit any value in the Emplid field (e.g., SSN can be used;  Agency ID can be used; etc.)
        • If the employee has a valid SSN in the Hire transaction record, the NYS EMPLID value will be assigned during the pre-scrub process and the value will replace the ‘temporary id’ and will  be returned to the submitting agency along with the value of the Temporary ID that was submitted.
        • Temporary ID Restrictions:
          • Field is a character field and can be 1 – 11 characters
          • Value of last character in the field must be numeric
      • If the AI Hire transaction does not include a valid SSN, the temporary ID will be used until the Hire transaction is completed and the system assigned EMPLID is returned to the submitting agency.

      • The AI message coming back to the agency will have the “Tempoary ID” as well as the newly assigned Reserved ID (NYS EMPLID). This process ensures that the agency is notified of the newly assigned EMPLID at the earliest possible time.

      • Additional pre-hire (dependency) transactions that are submitted can include the ‘temporary id’.  The ‘temporary id’ will be updated with the reserved number. 
    1. Changes to Concurrent Hire, Re-Hire and Transfer Transactions Submitted through Automated Interface:
      • With the SSN Decoupling changes to the Automated Interface, AI agencies can submit Concurrent Hire transactions, Rehire transactions, and/or Transfer Request transactions with either the NYS EMPLID (if known) OR the SSN in the EMPLID field.  The SSN must already exist in PayServ.  If the SSN exists in PayServ, the AI Pre-Scrub process will recognize this as an SSN and will replace it with the NYS EMPLID.
    2. Changes to the Automated Interface Feedback File / Report (NHRP574A&B):
      • Includes new Messages such as the message notifying agency of NYS Emplid assigned.  The complete list of new and revised Automated Interface messages is included at the end of this Bulletin.

Agency Actions

Review and make the necessary changes to the Automated Interface to comply with the new EMPLID data value when submitting AI files to PayServ for processing.

Agencies using the returned AI Feedback Files and Reports [NHRP574A & NHRP574B] will also need to modify their processing of these to use the NYS EMPLID that is returned.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.   Please visit the Payroll Enhancement Program Web page at the OSC Internet site (http://www.osc.state.ny.us/payroll/pep.htm ) for additional updates on SSN Decoupling.