Date: September 26, 2012

Bulletin Number: 1189



OSC is changing the EMPLID in PayServ (Primary Employee Identifier) from an SSN-based number to the current NYS EMPLID, a non SSN-based alpha numeric value.


To explain:

  • OSC’s plans to change the EMPLID from an SSN-based identifier to the NYS EMPLID.
  • The timeline for conversion to the NYS EMPLID.
  • Changes that will occur as a result of the conversion.

Affected Employees

Users of the New York State Payroll System.

Effective Date(s)

Implementation of the NYS EMPLID as EMPLID in PayServ is targeted to impact the Payrolls of 11/21/12 Administration (Pay Period 17) and 11/28/12 Institution (Pay Period 17).  The conversion of the current SSN-based EMPLID to the NYS EMPLID will occur over the Veteran’s Day Holiday weekend (Friday, November 9 – Monday, November 12).

The go-live for converting the current SSN based EMPLID to the NYS EMPLID is Tuesday, November 13, 2012.


OSC will transition from using the Social Security number as the EMPLID in PayServ to using the NYS EMPLID, a system assigned number.  Implemented in 2011, the NYS EMPLID was created to accommodate employee identification in SFS. (See Payroll Bulletin 1052, issued January 28, 2011.)
The NYS EMPLID is currently contained on the NHRP501 Master File and printed on Employee Paycheck Stubs and Direct Deposit Advice Statements. (See NYS EMPLID on Employee Paycheck Stubs)
The NYS Emplid will replace the SSN currently found in the Emplid field [Employee Id] in all PayServ tables.  The Social Security number will remain in place as National Id, as it is required for tax related purposes.

Please note:  There will be no table structure or field changes occurring in PayServ as a result of this conversion. The NYS Emplid field will eventually be removed from PayServ as the data will be shifting over to Emplid during conversion.

OSC Actions

OSC will open an Agency Interface file test window to allow agencies to submit interface test files using the NYS EMPLID value.  The interface test window will be available October 5, 2012 – October 12, 2012.  Instructions for participation in the test window will be provided in an upcoming bulletin.

What is Changing with the SSN Decoupling Conversion?

  1. Agency Programs:  Programs that use or create files for PayServ agencies are not being changed, but agencies will be required to change their processing of these files to have them receive or send interfaces with the new data value in the EMPLID field.  For example, the NPAY 502 (Time Entry Interface) uses EMPLID today and will use EMPLID tomorrow but the value in the EMPLID field will change from the SSN-based EMPLID to the NYS EMPLID.  Therefore, all agencies who submit Time Entry interface files must ensure the value in the EMPLID field is the NYS EMPLID instead of the SSN.
  2. Automated Interface:  AI is being updated to use NYS EMPLID instead of SSN Emplid.  Special rules will apply for hire, re-hire, concurrent hire, and transfer actions.  Detailed information about the AI changes will be issued at a later date.
  3. On-Line Changes:

Type Change


Access changed to require National Id or Emplid when no SSN exists

Employee History Information Summary

Statewide Job Summary

New inquiry added with secured access by Emplid or Name

Employee History Info

SSN added as alternate access

Employee Tax Data

Employee Tax Distribution

Last-4 of SSN added as alternate access

Time Entry – Agency [Add & Update]

Access changed to require National Id [when one exists] and Emplid


Concurrent Hire

Transfer Request

Add transaction to “reserve” NYS Emplid

NYS Emplid Request

Change to automatically assign Emplid

Agency Hire

Agency Actions

Agencies will be provided with additional communications related to the conversion of the current SSN as EMPLID to the new NYS EMPLID as EMPLID.

Some steps that will position agencies to prepare information for this effort include:

  1. Evaluate the impact of changing the EMPLID from the current value of SSN to the NYS EMPLID value on existing queries and reports;
  2. Itemize the impact on incoming and outgoing interfaces that currently use the SSN or EMPLID fields; files that use EMPLID (in the SSN format) must be updated to process the new EMPLID value.
Review payroll-related forms to identify those that contain SSN but should be replaced with NYS EMPLID.


Questions regarding this bulletin should be directed to the Payroll Systems mailbox (payrollsystemquestions@osc.state.ny.us).