Date: January 31, 2012

Bulletin Number: 1132



Automated Process for Reissued 2011 Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement


To notify agencies of the availability of the 2011 Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement Reissue functionality in PayServ, and to provide instructions for reissuing the 2011 Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statements.

Affected Employees

Reissued Form W-2s may be produced upon employee request to replace lost or destroyed original Form W-2.  

This functionality must not be used for employees who are issued a corrected Form W-2 because the original, not the corrected, Form W-2 information will print.

This functionality will be available for agencies to view and print reissued 2011 Form W-2s only.

Effective Date(s)

February 1, 2012.

OSC Actions

OSC will make this functionality available until December 2012.

The words “Reissued Statement” will automatically print on both pages.

Reminder:  This process cannot be utilized for employees who have been issued a corrected Form W-2

Agency Actions

The Control-D Report NPAY731 (W-2 Audit report) identifies employees who received a Form W-2 from their agency.  Agencies will be able to reissue Form W-2s to only those employees listed on their NPAY731 report.

To print a reissued Form W-2, follow this path after logging into PayServ: Home>Payroll for North America>U.S. Annual Processing>W-2 Reporting>W-2 Reprint

  1. Click on “W-2 Reprint.”
  2. Select the EmplID search option.
  3. Enter the EmplID of the employee requesting a replacement W-2 and click on Search.
  4. When the W-2 Reprint page opens, confirm the correct employee’s W-2 information is displayed.
  5. Click on the “View Printable W-2” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. The Form W-2 statement for the calendar year 2011 will appear.

Note:  Information on the reissued Form W-2 is identical to that which appeared on the original Form W-2.

  1. To print the reissued Form W-2, select “File,” then “Print” from the Windows toolbar at the upper left side of the page.

Since the reprinted Form W-2 is not printed on perforated paper, agencies must separate the copies on the first page by cutting on the two dotted lines before distributing to the employee.  To comply with IRS regulations, the copies must be cut prior to giving them to the employee.

This replacement Form W-2 is a duplicate of the original Form
W-2, therefore, recent address changes will not be reflected.  If mailing to the employee, it will be necessary to use the current employee address.  OSC recommends that agencies do not use a window envelope, as the employee’s Social Security Number will be visible.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be e-mailed to the Tax and Compliance mailbox.