Date: January 9, 2012

Bulletin Number: 1128



Deficit Reduction Reporting to the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) for Employees Represented by the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).


To inform agencies that “days worked” will be reduced and reported to the Employees’ Retirement System in accordance with the Deficit Reduction Plan.

Affected Employees

CSEA employees in the following bargaining units who are enrolled in ERS (Retirement Plan 7Y).

  • Administrative Services
  • Operational Services
  • Institutional Services
  • Division of Military & Naval Affairs


Effective Date(s)



Pursuant to Section 7 of Part A of Chapter 491 of the Laws of 2011 and the Division of the Budget Bulletin B-1193 issued August 19, 2011, a plan has been established to reduce the compensation of any employee within the purview of the agreement between the State of New York and the Civil Service Employees Association.

OSC Actions

Payroll  will transmit an adjustment file to the Employees’  Retirement System (ERS) to adjust the “days worked”  by the applicable  earnings reduction percentage for the employee for the given pay period as follows:

Bargaining Unit (NYS Position)

Percentage Reduction

In CSEA for checks dated  9/8/11  - 3/28/12


In CSEA and transfers to a non CSEA BU

No calc

In a non CSEA BU and transfers to a CSEA BU



The following will be excluded from the  adjustment to days worked calculation:

  • Lost Time;
  • Workers Comp Earn Codes (WPS, WSP, WCA and RSA);
  • Salary Reversals (AC-230’s);
  • All employees with an increment code of 2222 and Earn Code D1C not reported on paycheck;
  • Employees with an hourly pay basis code with a rate less than $7.50.

OSC will produce a new Control D report NBEN713 for agencies titled “ERS Days WRK ADJ” to identify employees included on the adjustment file transmitted to ERS. The report is run based on  paycheck  date and will display:

  • Check Date;
  • Name;
  • Emplid;
  • Empl Record #;
  • Bargaining Unit;
  • Current Adjusted Days ;
  • Total Adjusted Days (from the first adjusted check to the current report check date).

As the adjustments were retroactive to checks dated September 8, 2011 for Institution agencies and September 14, 2011 for Administrative agencies, multiple NBEN713 reports have been created based on check date and are available in Control D.

Agency Actions

Review the new Control D Report (NBEN 713).

In the event that an agency needs to adjust the reduction in days submitted to ERS, the Retirement form RS2050 Adjustment Report must be completed by the agency and submitted to the Retirement System.

According to the Retirement System, based on the crediting rules that apply to the various tiers, if there are no other reduction in days reported (i.e. lost time), there will be no impact on service crediting for members whose days are reduced by the 5 day DRL. 


Questions related to the NBEN713 report should be directed to the payroll deduction mailbox at payrolldeduction@osc.state.ny.us

Questions concerning the Retirement Service Credit should be directed to the ERS Retirement System call center at (518) 474-7736 or 1 (866) 805-0990