Date: December 30, 2011

Bulletin Number: 1125



New National ID Field Edits


To inform agencies of employee Social Security Number  restrictions in the National ID field located at Workforce Administration>Personal Information>Modify a Person>Biographical Details Tab in PayServ.

Affected Employees

All employees.

Effective Date(s)



The Social Security Administration restricts the use of certain values in Social Security Numbers.

OSC Actions

PayServ now has edits which prevent the following from being populated in the National ID field by both the AI (Automated Interface) file and on-line data entry process:

  • SSNs with the numbers “900-999” in positions 1-3
  • SSNs with the number “666” or “000” in positions 1-3
  • SSNs with the number “00” in positions 4-5
  • SSNs with the number “0000” in positions 6-9
  • A SSN of “123-45-6789”

Note: Nine-digit numbers beginning with the number “9” represent an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) issued by the IRS to certain resident and nonresident aliens, their spouses and their dependents. 

ITINs must be entered in the Taxpayer ID Number field on the employee’s Federal Tax Data Page in order for accurate withholding and reporting to occur.

Agency Actions

Agencies that encounter an edit when attempting to populate the Social Security Number in the National ID field should first verify the accuracy of the employee’s Social Security Number as maintained in the agency’s records.  

Agencies that determine the employee provided a non-conforming Social Security Number should contact the employee to verify the Social Security Number as identified on the employee’s Social Security Card.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be e-mailed to the Tax and Compliance mailbox.