Date: October 26, 2011

Bulletin Number: 1095



Verification of Agency Return Address on Employee Form W-2s (Wage and Tax Statement) for Calendar Year 2011.


To request verification of the agency addressthat will be used on employee Form W-2 for 2011.

Effective Date(s)


Agency Actions

Agencies must verify the agency return address for all Department ID(s) associated with their agency as listed in the Control-D Report NPAY529 (Agency’s Address Listing). If the agency address is correct, no further action is needed.

If the agency address is not correct, agencies must send an e-mail to the Tax and Compliance mailbox providing the correct address prior to November 30, 2011

There is a 30 character limit for agency name field.  Please ensure that any changes submitted are within this limit.

Please indicate “Agency Return Address” on the subject line and include your five-digit Department ID number(s) along with the correct agency name/return address in the e-mail. 

Agency Response Deadline

Agencies who need to correct their address must respond prior to November 30, 2011 to ensure that the correct return address is printed on employee Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for 2011.

OSC Actions

OSC will update PayServ with the agency name and address information provided.

Control-D Report



Questions regarding this bulletin may be e-mailed to the Tax and Compliance mailbox.