Date: May 13, 2011

Bulletin Number: 1074



New York State Employee Identifier – NYS EMPLID


To inform agencies of changes to the display name of the SFS Alternate ID field introduced in Payroll Bulletin 1052 and the addition of the field to the Payroll Master File. 

Affected Employees

All employees.


Friday, May 20, 2011.


In January 2011, as part of the implementation of the Statewide Financial System Project (SFS), a new employee identifier field was created in PayServ.  The field provides an employee identifier that is not equal to the Social Security Number and therefore, does not pose the security risks of the current PayServ EMPLID.  The field was originally labeled SFS Alternate ID. As more uses for this field in PayServ are introduced, it has been determined that a statewide label, rather than an SFS specific label is in order.  As such, the field will be labeled NYS EMPLID. 

In addition, changes have been made in PayServ to make the field more accessible to agencies.  The NYS EMPLID will appear on the Payroll Master File available to agencies on the file created for the Administration checks dated May 25, 2011.

OSC Actions

OSC has changed the field label on the Modify a Person Page to NYS EMPLID.  The field name within the system will remain alter_emplid. Query users will continue to use this field for queries.

OSC has modified the Payroll Master File (NHRP501) to include NYS EMPLID. The master file is created after the confirmation of each pay cycle and contains employee information related to that specific check only.  Only employees who receive pay are included on the master file.

The file layout will remain the same with the exception we will be using an existing filler space to accommodate the field.  NYS EMPLID is an 11 character field, N (alpha) followed by 8 numeric and two blank characters, will be populated in field 4979-4989, and will be left justified same as Emplid is currently.

The file format can be found at   http://www.osc.state.ny.us/payroll/files/information/payrollsystem/files/master.pdf

Agency Actions

Agencies who do not currently receive the master file, but would like to begin should send their requests to:
Robin Rabii
Director of State Payroll Service
8th floor, 110 State Street
Albany NY  12236


Questions should be directed to the Payroll Systems Support Group Mailbox at payrollsystemquestions@osc.state.ny.us.