Date:December 7, 2006
Bulletin Number: 683

Revision of Increment Code System for Security Employees


To update the current Security increment code system to incorporate the changes necessitated by the processing of recent arbitration awards.


Increment Codes for employees represented by NYSCOPBA and Council 82 have previously used some of the same Increment Codes that apply to employees who are at different steps on the salary schedule. These Increment Codes have been separated and new Increment Codes have been created to reflect only one meaning for each Increment Code.

Under the previous Increment Code system, employees whose base salary is below Job Rate but who are holding a longevity, needed an FIS salary to update the salary each April with a Performance Advance. Under the new system, OSC will apply the Performance Advance up to the appropriate Longevity Step based on the Increment Code. FIS salaries will be used only for employees with Increment Code 0008 who are due a promotion recalculation due to eligibility for a Performance Advance in the lower grade.

Affected Employees

Employees in Bargaining Units 01, 21, 31, 61, 81 and 91.

Effective Date(s)

Pay Period 18L (Administration), paychecks dated 12/27/06.
Pay Period 19L (Institution), paychecks dated 1/04/07.

OSC Actions

Beginning in Pay Periods 18L (Administration) and 19L (Institution), OSC will change the Increment Codes on the Job Data records of affected employees.

A chart listing the Increment Code changes is attached.

Agency Actions

Agencies must begin using the new Increment Codes in Pay Periods 18L (Administration) and 19L (Institution) for all Job Request transactions for employees in the bargaining units listed above.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.