Date:August 2, 2006
Bulletin Number:647

New Bargaining Unit Payroll Code Change for Non-Arbitration Eligible Employees in the Security Services Bargaining Unit Represented by New York State Correctional Officers Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA)


Recently, a binding arbitration award was made in accordance with section 209 of the Civil Service Law with respect to certain employees in the Security Services Bargaining Unit represented by NYSCOPBA.  Because only certain employees in the Security Services Bargaining Unit are eligible for binding arbitration, the award is limited to those eligible employees.  Arbitration Award 1A 2004-009 provides for salary and other increases for these arbitration eligible employees in the Security Services bargaining Unit, but does not apply to titles in Payroll Bargaining Unit Code 01 that were not arbitration eligible.

Payroll Bargaining Unit Code 21 has been created solely for administrative purposes to aid in processing of the award and future payments. There is no change to the actual bargaining unit of the non-arbitration eligible titles, only a change to the payroll bargaining unit code. 

Affected Employees

Payroll Bargaining Unit Code 21 has been established for the attached list of non-arbitration eligible titles in all pay basis codes (see attachment).

Effective Date(s)

Changes will take effect for checks dated 8/17/06 (Institution) and 8/23/06 (Administration).

OSC Actions

OSC has created new codes for the following new data elements with respect to the employees and their positions in the arbitration non-eligible titles.

The Payroll Bargaining Unit Code will be Bargaining Unit 21 (Security Services NA). The Union Code will remain SCO.

Two new Earnings Programs will be created:

  • Earnings Program N21 (Security Services NA) will replace N01 for employees with an ANN Pay Basis Code.
  • Earnings Program H21 (Security Services NA HRY) will replace H01 for employees with an HRY Pay Basis Code.

Note:  There will be no changes for Earnings Programs FEE for employees with a Pay Basis Code of FEE or MST (Military Stipend) for employees who are on a paid military stipend.

The Salary Plan SCN (Security Non Arb) will contain the existing salary charts.

After processing for Pay Period 9 is complete, rows will be inserted into the Position Data Page for all positions including NYS Positions and Job Data Page as follows:

Position Data

A row will be inserted effective 3/27/03 (Administration) or 4/3/03 (Institution) if no row with that effective date exists.  If a row exists for that date, the data will be updated with the new information with an Action Date of the date the process is run.

Effective Date:                    3/27/03 (Administration)
4/3/03 (Institution)
Reason: Z11 (Update of Position Data)
Earnings Program ID: N21 (Security Services NA) or
H21(Security Services NA HRY)
Bargaining Unit: 21 (Security Services NA)
Salary Plan: SCN (Security Non Arb)

All subsequent rows on the Position Data page will be updated inserting the above information.  The Action Date will change to the date the process is run.

Job Data

Incumbents of the positions will have rows inserted in their Job Data records effective 3/27/03 (Administration) or 4/3/03 (Institution) using the next available sequence number with the following information:


Position Change

Action Reason:

Z11 (Update of Position Data)

Earning Program ID:

N21 (Security Services NA) or H21 (Security Services NA HRY)

Bargaining Unit:

21  (Security Services NA)

Union Code:


Salary Plan:


Rows will be inserted into the affected employees’ Job Data records with the next sequence number for all subsequent rows.

Deduction Information

OSC has established two new deduction codes and a new benefit program for affected employees as follows:




Dues Code


Security Services NA Dues

A/S Fee


Security Services NA A/S

Benefit Program


Security Services NA

OSC will automatically end date the current dues (Code 291) and Agency Shop Fee (Code 295) and insert a new effective-dated row for the corresponding deduction codes for affected employees.

The biweekly dues and Agency Shop fees will remain $17.59.

Note:  Employees’ paychecks stubs or direct deposit advice statements will display both current and new deduction codes.  The current deduction code will display the Year-to-Date balance amount; the new deduction code will display the current deduction amount and Year-to-Date balance beginning with paychecks dated August 17, 2006 for Institution and August 23, 2006 for Administration.

Agency Actions

The locked Queries were reviewed by OSC and no modifications were needed. Agencies may need to add the new bargaining unit 21 to current agency queries to get valid results for the full Security Services bargaining unit. 

Automated Interface
There will be no impact on the Automated Interface file.
Certification Process
This change will not impact the certification process for Pay Period 9 paychecks dated 8/17/06 (Institution) and 8/23/06 (Administration).

Questions regarding the automatic update of Position Data may be directed to the Position Management mailbox.

Questions regarding deductions may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.

Questions regarding NYSTEP transactions may be emailed as follows:
For  NYSTEP TPM, email abner.jeanpierre@cs.state.ny.us 
For NYSTEP PER, email doreen.hughes@cs.state.ny.us.

All other questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox