Date: March 7, 2006 Bulletin Number: 619-B

Addendum to Payroll Bulletin No. 619, Restoration of 2003 Management Confidential (M/C) Performance Advances


To provide agencies with details of Control-D reports available to identify employees who have been paid the 2003 M/C Performance Advance, and to provide instructions for resubmission of salary plans for certain employees, and to communicate certain other information.

Affected Employees

Employees who, in accordance with Payroll Bulletin No. 619, are eligible for the 2003 M/C Performance Advance.

Effective Date(s)

Availability of Control D-Reports:

March 13, 2006 for Administration agencies for paychecks dated 3/22/06.
March 20, 2006 for Institution agencies for paychecks dated 3/30/06.

Control-D Reports

Control-D Report NHRP700, 2003 M/C Performance Advance Payment Report, has been created to list all rows added to the Job Data page to pay the 2003 Management Confidential Performance Advance and any subsequent rows updated as needed. The agency report will include all rows inserted for any employee who is employed by that agency at the time of the payment or is the last agency of record at the time of payment. All agencies should review this listing to determine if any of their employees are to receive the retroactive salary increase so that the agency can explain the payment to the employee if necessary, and verify that salary increases are appropriate. Each employee will only appear on one agency listing. An employee’s record may be split on two pages. The fields included in the report are:

  • EmplID and Empl Rcd number
  • Employee's Name
  • Effective date of the inserted row
  • Sequence number assigned to the inserted row
  • Reason Code used:
    o MCA (Man Con Automatic) indicates the salary was
    calculated by the system
    o MCM (Man Con Manual) indicates the salary was either calculated by the Salary Determination Unit and/or approved by the Division of the Budget
    (DOB) on a salary plan submitted to OSC and loaded to the system.
  • Grade or Equated Grade, as applicable
  • Comprate prior to insertion of MCA/MCM row
  • New comprate· New FIS amount if applicable
  • New Increment Code· NYS Position Number
  • Line Number based on the Regular Position
  • Short Job Description

The Control-D report provides only the old and new salaries as a result of the MCA and MCM rows, and does not calculate the total retroactive payment due the employee.

OSC Action

Per Payroll Bulletin No. 619, OSC has determined which employees are eligible for restoration of the 2003 M/C Performance Advance. OSC will insert rows for employees whose salaries:

  • are to be automatically calculated by the system, or
  • are based on a DOB-approved salary plan, or
  • are manually calculated by OSC staff.

Rows will be inserted on the evenings of March 9, 2006 (Administration) and March 16, 2006 (Institution). OSC’s Salary Determination Unit will continue to update employees' records through March 14, 2006 (Administration) and March 23, 2006 (Institution).

Income Protection Plan Program and Retirement Health Insurance Premium Credit

After all payments are made, OSC will provide the Department of Civil Service (DCS) with a list of all payment recipients. DCS will contact the agency for required information needed to adjust payments made since April 2003 under the Income Protection Plan Program and to increase the value of health insurance premium credits derived from sick leave accrual balances for employees who have since retired.

Agency Actions

Resubmission of Salary Plans for Certain Employees

Many salary plans submitted by agencies to authorize payment of the 2003 M/C Performance Advance were not completed in accordance with written instructions and contained errors such as misspelled names, transposed item numbers, missing rows, and effective date errors. OSC Salary Determination staff corrected as many of the errors as possible, but for a limited number of employees, the nature and extent of the errors prevented immediate correction. OSC has provided the Division of the Budget (DOB) with a list of these employees whose salary plans contained significant errors. Because of the plan irregularities, these employees will not receive payment of the 2003 M/C Performance Advance in the 3/22/06 or 3/30/06 paychecks. DOB line examiners will notify agencies as soon as possible, but before the payment date, which employees will be impacted. Examples of salary plan errors that may lead to payment delay include:

    • Employees with a salary increase row not addressed by the plan, where if the plan is applied literally, the salary increase row actually becomes a salary decrease row, due to application of a performance advance to an earlier row.
    • Employees whose starting April 2003 salary per the plan does not match the starting salary in PayServ where, by loading the approved plan amounts, salaries would be increased by an amount different than that approved by DOB.
    • Employees who changed positions and remained N/S non-equated throughout the period, but where only one position's salary increases are recorded on the plan.

In order to pay the 2003 M/C Performance Advance to these employees, agencies must submit revised plans to DOB that address the errors noted in the original plans. If agencies have questions about which of the irregularities above caused their plan to be rejected, please contact OSC’s Salary Determination Unit at salarydetermination@osc.state.ny.us. Questions will be answered as soon as possible, but responses may be delayed until March 15th or later, after payments for the initial dates have been processed.

Revised salary plans approved by DOB will be forwarded to OSC. Once the plans are approved, agencies must submit any salary increases relating to restoration of the 2003 M/C Performance Advances through the Job Request panel using the Action/Reason codes PAY/MCM. Payments based on the revised salary plans will be paid no earlier than April 5, 2006 (Administration) or April 13, 2006 (Institution). Payment dates may be even later if the usual deadlines for each pay cycle are not met.

In addition, employees with an equated grade will be paid the standard performance advance amount associated with the grade, whether or not it agrees with the salary plan. Employees who did not meet the 13-pay period service requirement or whose initial hire date is after April 2003 will not be paid a performance advance, even if such an advance was requested on the salary plan.

Review of Payment Information

If an agency needs to review the history of a former employee to determine if the performance advance was made in the new agency, the agency can review the employee history by referring to the Employee History Info Summary in PayServ Custom. If the employee was to be submitted via a DOB plan and no payment was made, the prior agency should contact the new agency and/ or DOB and submit any pay changes manually with the proper documentation when the issue is resolved.

The agency must review the record of any employee who was not processed to determine if further action is required.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox Please enter “2003 M/C Perf Adv” in the subject line of the email.