Date: August 1, 2005 Bulletin Number: 572

Automated Correction Report for Transaction Changes on the Time Entry Page

Describe data on the automated Correction Report.
Affected Employees
All employees who have transactions changed, deleted or added by a payroll auditor on the Time Entry page.
Effective Date(s)

Automated Correction Reports will be available beginning in Pay Period 8L/9C (Administration) and Pay Period 9L/10C (Institution).

In response to a request from the NYS Payroll Users Group, OSC has created an automated Correction Report, NPAY776, Correction Report, that will document any additions, deletions, or changes made to transactions on the Time Entry page by OSC staff. This new report will be run from data in the PayServ system after OSC has completed processing the payroll cycle. The report will be available in Control-D on the Friday morning before the check date of the pay period being processed.

The automated report will provide timely notification of OSC corrections to agencies, provide better internal controls, ensure data integrity, and will allow agencies to view corrections in a uniform format. In addition, the name of the OSC staff who added, deleted or changed each transaction will be displayed.

Control-D Report
The NPAY776, Correction Report, will be sorted in name order alphabetically and contain the following fields:
  • OSC Contact
  • Action, (Change, Delete or Add)
  • Earn Code
  • Earns Begin Date
  • Earns End Date
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Amount
  • Units
  • Before Comments
  • After Comments

The pay period dates are specific to the agency.

If there are any changes to the above fields for a transaction, the report entry will be Change. For changes, the "before" information and the "after" information will appear with all data, including Time Entry Comments.

If there is an addition to the page, the report entry will be Add. For additions, the "before" information will appear as blank and the "after" information will appear with all data, including Time Entry Comments.

If there is a deletion to the page, the report entry will be Delete. For deletions, the "before" information will include Time Entry Comments, and the "after" information will appear as blank.

If there is only a change to the Time Entry Comment, the change will appear on the report, identifying both the "before" and "after" earnings information.

If no changes, additions, or deletions are processed by OSC, a report will be generated with the comment “No Corrections.”

The correction reports will be retained in Control-D for 35 days and archived for 65 days.

OSC Contacts

For questions related to the following Earn Codes, please contact the appropriate OSC contact:

  • Workers’ Compensation Earn Codes (WCE, WCO & WPS) may be directed to Viola Haizlip at (518) 474-7282.
  • Tax Refund Earn Codes (TF1, TF2, TF3, TF4, TF5, TF6, TF7, TF8, and TF9) may be directed to Claudette Mink at (518) 474-4775.
  • Military Stipend Earn Codes (MSP & TSP) may be directed to Peg Merry at (518) 474-2605.
  • Back Salary Award Earn Code (BSA) may be directed to Mike Heroux at (518) 474-3692.
  • Step 3 Out-of-Title Grievance Code (S3G) may be directed to Jennifer Corbett at (518) 486-3064.

For all other Earn Codes, please contact your Payroll Auditor.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.