Date: June 28, 2005 Bulletin Number: 569

Change of Narrative Description for Certain Deduction Codes

To explain changes in the narrative descriptions resulting from the acquisition of JLT Services Corporation by Pearl Carroll & Associates (PC) and Charter One Financial, Inc. by Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

Effective Date(s)
Paychecks dated July 7, 2005 (Institution).
Paychecks dated July 13, 2005 (Administration).

Affected Employees

Employees with Deduction Codes listed below.
OSC Actions

OSC will automatically change the narrative description of the following deduction codes:

Code Current Description New Description
323 JLT Disability PC Disability
329 JLT Life Insurance PC Life Insurance
333 JLT Courts Auto/Home PC Courts Auto/Home
338 JLT Judicial Auto/Home PC Judicial Auto/Home
352 JLT Suffolk County CEA Life PC Suffolk County CEA Life
355 JLT M/C Auto Home PC M/C Auto Home
356 JLT PBA Auto/Home PC PBA Auto/Home
358 JLTCSEA Perm Life PC CSEA Perm Life
365 JLT Courts Life/Auto/Home PC Courts Life/Auto/Home
360 Charter One Bank CSEA/IRA Citizens Bank CSEA/IRA
364 Charter One Bank Co IRA Citizens Bank Co IRA

Agency Actions
Notify affected employees.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.