Date: March 21, 2005 Bulletin Number:545



Processing of the Over 40 Hours Compensatory Time Lump Sum Overtime Payments for CSEA, M/C, and UUP Employees

To provide instructions for processing compensatory time lump sum payments for the new CSEA program and for the existing M/C and UUP programs.
Affected Employees

Employees in the following bargaining units who meet the eligibility criteria:

New Program:

  • Administrative Services
  • Operational Services
  • Institutional Services
  • Division of Military & Naval Affairs

Existing Program:

  • Management Confidential (M/C)
  • United University Professions (SUNY)
  • M/C State Police
  • M/C 21750
  • M/C Military & Naval Affairs
  • M/C Commission of Investigation
  • M/C PERB

Effective Date(s)
3/25/2004 (Administration) and 4/01/2004 (Institution).

The Over 40 Comp Time Pilot Program was implemented for CSEA represented employees pursuant to a GOER memorandum dated June 7, 2004. UUP and M/C have similar programs already in effect. New Earn Codes have been created by OSC to be used to pay compensatory time lump sum payments for the bargaining units stated above.

Program Description - CSEA
The CSEA 2004-2007 contract includes a side letter stating that employees in salary grades 22 or below can opt to earn 1.5 hours, to a maximum of 120 hours, of compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay for each hour of overtime worked over 40 hours.

Employees who reach the maximum hours to be accrued must be paid overtime to reduce the balance to 120 hours. Employees who leave State service must be paid for the remaining accruals. The number of hours to be paid must be entered on the Time Entry page.

Pursuant to the Department of Civil Service Attendance and Leave Manual Policy Bulletin #2004-02 dated August 2004, overtime earned under this agreement is entered as 1.5 hours for each hour worked. Refer to this document and the GOER Memorandums dated June 20, 2004 and January 25, 2005 to agency Directors of Human Resources for additional information.

New earn codes have been created effective 3/25/2004 to process lump sum payments for eligible CSEA employees who separate from State service. Agencies must report payments at the time of separation using the Earn Code O40 (CSEA Over 40 hrs OT LSP) for annual employees or H40 (HRY CSEA Over 40 hrs OT LSP) for hourly employees.

Program Description -
M/C and UUP
United University Professions (SUNY) and Management Confidential employees have existing programs that provide for accrual of overtime hours at a rate of 1.5 hours for each hour of overtime worked. The maximum is 240 hours accrued.

The Earn Code LSG (Lump Sum OT MC/UUP) which is currently being used will no longer be used. Earn Code M40 (MC/UUP Over 40 hrs OT LSP) will replace LSG effective 3/25/04.

The appropriate number of hours (number of hours listed on the employee’s time sheet) must be entered on the Time Entry page.

Agency Actions

The procedure for reporting compensatory time on the Time Entry page follows:

Earn Code: O40, H40, or M40
Earning Begin Date: Enter the date of the day before the Termination or Retirement
Earnings End Date: Enter the same date as the Earnings Begin Date
Units: Enter the number of hours to be paid

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