Date: March 15, 2005 Bulletin Number: 540

New Standby Pay for Eligible Employees Represented by CSEA Administrative Services (BU02) and PEF (BU05) and Review Standby Pay for Eligible Employees Represented by CSEA Operational Services (BU03) and Institutional Services (BU04)

To explain the Standby Pay provisions and to review the earn codes with the proper usage of payments related to Standby Pay payments.

Affected Employees

Employees in the following bargaining units who are eligible for Standby compensation as prescribed in Civil Service Law, Article 8, Section 134.6a, and Chapters 103 and 419 of the Laws of 2004:

New Provisions:  
Administrative Services BU02
Public Employees Federation BU05

Existing Provisions:

Operational Services BU03
Institutional Services BU04

Effective Date(s)
For New Provisions, the effective dates are:
3/25/04 Administration
4/01/04 Institution
9/14/04 (Date of Ratification)


Civil Service Law Section 134.6a has been changed to include PEF (BU05) and CSEA (BU02) employees for additional Standby compensation.

Contract Provisions and Eligibility Criteria

Employees who are on an approved Standby roster requiring them to be available for immediate recall to work and are recalled to work are entitled to receive the appropriate overtime or recall compensation in addition to the approved Standby compensation. (CSEA BU03 and BU04 employees were previously eligible for this payment.)

For example: An eligible classified employee is on standby for seven (7) shifts during the pay period and is recalled to work overtime. The employee would receive:

  • 7 units of Standby (SBC)
  • Appropriate number of Overtime (OTA) and/or Recall Overtime (RCL) hours
  • Standby Overtime (SOC) for the total number of OTA or RCL overtime hours.

Agency Action for Retroactive Payments

Agencies must review past Standby payments for employees in BU02 retroactive to 3/25/04 (Administration) and 4/01/04 (Institution) and in BU05 retroactive to 9/14/04 who were not compensated for Standby shifts in which the employees were called back to work.

Agencies must submit adjustments for these shifts using Earn Code SBC and adjust any overtime payments by using the Standby OT Override Earn Code (SOO)

Standby Earn Codes

The following chart is a list of Standby Earn Codes with their descriptions and appropriate usage:

Earn Code Description
Standby Classified
Regular standby for classified employees.
20% of daily rate.
Standby OT Classified
Standby that must be submitted with Earn Codes OTA and SBC for classified employees.
System calculates .01955 of the Standby amount times the number submitted as SOC.
Standby OT Override
Standby that was submitted without Earn Codes OTA and SBC for classified employees.
Same calculation as for SOC but must be done manually.
Standby OT with Out of Title OT
Standby that must be submitted with Earn Codes OTT and SBC.
(If not submitted with OTT and SBC, the Earn Code SOO must be used.)
OTT rate is based on the Out of Title salary and SBC rate is based on Regular salary. SOT calculation is the same as SOC but uses the number of OTT hours.
Standby Override
Regular standby for classified employees.
Same calculation as SBC but must be done manually.

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