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  Date: June 24, 2004   Bulletin No. 488

Subject Recalculation of Pre-Shift Briefing Due to the End of Productivity Gain Payment (PGP) Eligibility
Purpose To explain OSC’s automatic recalculation of Pre-Shift Briefing NU 01/31 (PS1) due to the end of the Productivity Gain Payment (PGP) eligibility.
Affected Employees Employees in the Security Services Unit (BU 01), Council 82 Agency Law Enforcement Services (BU31) and Security Supervisors Unit (BU 61).
Background In July of 2003, eligible employees in BU 01, 31, and 61 received a Productivity Gain Payment (PGP) in accordance with the 1999-2003 Agreements between NYSCOPBA, Council 82, and the State of New York.  This payment was included in the calculation of Pre-Shift Briefing for twenty-six (26) pay periods. Due to the end of the eligibility period for PGP to be used in the calculation, Pre-Shift Briefing must be recalculated.
Effective Date(s)

Checks dated 7/8/04 (Institution) and 7/14/04 (Administration).

OSC Automatic Recalculation of Pre-Shift

After all Job Requests, Additional Pay and Job Data transactions have been processed for Pay Period 6 Lag (Institution) and 7 Lag (Administration), OSC will automatically recalculate Pre-Shift Briefing NU 01/31 (PS1) earnings.

OSC will automatically change the PGP End Dates on the Additional Pay page for certain employees.  If the End Date is 6/10/04, it will be changed to 6/09/04.  If the End Date is 6/17/04, it will be changed to 6/16/04.

For employees receiving PGP, a new PS1 row will be inserted into the Additional Pay page with the effective date of 6/10/04 (Institution) or 6/17/04 (Administration). PS1 earnings will not be recalculated for employees who are Active or on a Paid Leave of Absence and the amount of PS1 is $24.00 or $48.00.

Agency Actions: Manual Calculation of PS2
  • Effective 6/10/04 (Institution) and 6/17/04 (Administration), PGP should not be included in the calculation of Pre-Shift Briefing NU 61/31 (PS2) for employees in BU 61 and BU 31 who are eligible to be paid on the Time Entry page.
Control-D Report
  • Mass Additional Pay Report (NHRP703)

    This report will identify all employees receiving an automatic increase for Earn Code PS1 (Pre-Shift Briefing).

Questions regarding this Bulletin may be to your directed to your Payroll Auditor.