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Bureau of State Payroll Services


  Date:  June 18, 2004 Bulletin No. 487

Subject Revised Data Capture Records for Hire and Personal Data on the NHRP716 and NHRP520 Files
Purpose To inform the Data Capture agencies of changes to the file layouts for Hire and Personal Data.
Affected Employees Data Capture agencies.
Specifics The attached layouts for the NHRP716 and the NHRP520 files replace the previous file layouts.   The changes are bolded in gray on Attachments A and B.
Agency Action

The technical staff must be notified to make appropriate changes to the Hire and Personal Data file layouts by July 14, 2004.

The processing changes will take place beginning July 14, 2004 .
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.

NOTE:   All other Records - Job Request, Job, Additional Pay, Employment, Federal Tax, State Tax, Local Tax, General Comments, Workers' Compensation and Contract Data - remain the same.