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Bureau of State Payroll Services


  Date:  May 27, 2004 Bulletin No.  483

NOTE:  This Bulletin is for All Agencies EXCEPT for CUNY

New Narrative Description for Deduction Codes 878 and 881


To notify agencies of a change in the narrative description for Deduction Codes 878 and 881.



Affected Employees

Employees with Deduction Codes 878 and 881.


OSC will change the pay stub narrative description for Deduction Code 878 to SEFA of Northern NY and for Deduction Code 881 to SEFA of Clinton and Essex .   The current narratives are United Way of Northern NY and United Way of Clinton and Essex.



Checks dated June 2, 2004 (Administration).

Checks dated June 10, 2004 (Institution).


OSC Actions

OSC will automatically make this change.



Agency Actions

Notify affected employees.




Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.