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  Date:  May 5, 2004 Bulletin No.  481


Overtime Meal Allowance Payment for PS&T Unit Employees (Bargaining Unit 05) for the Period 4/2/1999-8/16/2000


To instruct agencies on the payment of Overtime Meal Allowance.

Affected Employees

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (PS&T) Employees in Bargaining Unit 05, represented by the Public Employees Federation (PEF).


Paychecks dated June 2, 2004 - Administration

Paychecks dated June 10, 2004 - Institution



Pursuant to an Arbitration Award, Article 38, Overtime Meal Allowance of the State/PEF 1999-2003 Agreement, has been deemed effective 4/2/1999. Specified overtime meal allowances may be paid to employees in Institution agencies for the period of 4/2/1999-8/9/2000 and to employees in Administration agencies for the period of 4/2/1999-8/16/2000.

Overtime eligible employees may claim first and second meal allowances previously unclaimed during the above specified periods. Overtime ineligible employees may claim for second meal allowances previously unclaimed during the above specified periods. For instructions on this payment, refer to the memo dated February 10, 2004 from the Governor's Office of Employee Relations (GOER).

Agency Actions

The agency must submit the Earns Code OMP (OT Meals $5.50 - Man Con/PEF) in the Time Entry page for the effective dates. The transactions should be entered as a single entry using the applicable Earn Begin Date and Earn End Date and the total number of meals due to the employee.

Enter a Comment on the Time Entry page specifying "The payment is due to the Arbitration Award."


Questions regarding this Bulletin should be referred to the agency payroll auditor.