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  Date:  April 1, 2004 Bulletin No.  471

Subject Reporting Line Number Changes and Budget Year Changes for Fiscal Year 2004-05
Purpose To inform Agencies of the process for reporting line number changes and to describe how account codes will be charged in Fiscal Year 2004-05.
Affected Employees Employees with line number changes reported in NYSTEP.
03/25/04 Administration 
04/01/04 Institution
Agency Actions Reporting Line Number Changes

Agencies should report line number changes in NYSTEP first, and upon approval by NYSTEP, report line number changes in PayServ. There is no automatic mass realignment process in PayServ.

To report line number changes in PayServ, Agencies must update the Position Data pages to reflect the new line numbers using the following path:

Home>Develop Workforce>Manage Positions>Use>Position Data (Agency)

On the Position Data page, insert a row and enter the effective date (March 25, 2004 for Administration or April 1, 2004 for Institution). Enter the appropriate line number. The Action of Z12 will automatically default on the Description page and if the position is filled, a row will automatically be inserted on the incumbent's Job Data record when the position is saved. If the incumbent has a row on Job Data that is subsequent to the effective date of the line change, the incumbent will not be automatically updated.  In this case, the Agency is required to enter the Action/Reason of Position Change/Change Line on the Job Action Request page using the date of the line change. A position change must be requested for all affected rows existing on Job Data.

If applicable, enter Pool ID changes on the Specific Information page by expanding the Education and Government section at the bottom of the page.

The Position should be updated before other transactions for Pay Period 1 are reported on Job Data or the Job Request page in order to ensure the appropriate information is reflected on the employee's record.
OSC Actions Position Pool IDs
The account code for the Position Pool IDs will be charged automatically to the Fiscal Year 2004-05 when the maximum effective date on the Account Code Table is April 1, 2004 unless a Budget Year is specified on the Position Pool Table. It is not necessary to insert a row and make any changes on the Position Pool Table.

Continuous Split Charges currently reported on the Position Pool Table will not be cancelled.

Deleting Position Pools
If a Position Pool is no longer used by the Agency and should be deleted, please notify your Payroll Auditor. Please make sure no position numbers are tied to that Position Pool.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.