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  Date: March 25, 2004                        Bulletin No. 469

Subject Employee History Information Summary
Purpose To inform Agencies of the new Employee History Info Summary.
Background OSC has created a new page for Agencies and OSC staff. The Employee History Info Summary will display more information in one location. This page is in addition to the existing Job Summary and Statewide Job Summary pages and will provide payroll users another choice to view an employee's history. Hyperlinks have been added at the bottom of the page to navigate the user directly to the following pages:
Job Data
Job Approvals (FOR OSC USE ONLY)
Additional Pay
Time Entry

NOTE: Agencies will have access only to their own employees when using the hyperlinks.

Employee History Info Summary, Path and Source Information The path for the new summary is:
Home>PayServ Custom>PayServ Custom>Inquire>Employee History Info Summary

The Employee History Info Summary consists of two pages:

Employee History Information provides a greater amount of employee information organized on one page. This summary is a representation of each row of Job Data in descending Effective Date and Sequence order. Each Empl Record Number will have a separate entry. The VIEW ALL button will open the history for review. The summary can be printed in its entirety.

Additional Pay Summary provides a summary of all rows on the Additional Pay page in alphabetic order by Earnings Code and descending order of Effective Date. In addition to having all data elements listed, there is an additional field for Annual Additional Earnings such as Location, Inconvenience, Shift Differential, etc. For these earnings, the field Biw Pmt (Biweekly Payment) is the biweekly amount derived from the Annual Earnings amount. For example, Location pay, which is $1200 annually, will have $46.03 (non leap year) as the entry for Biw Pmt.

Employee History Information

The following chart lists the displayed fields, their descriptions and sources:

Field Description Source
Effdt Effective Date Job Data
Seq# Sequence Number Job Data
EE Status Employee Status Job Data
Act/Rea Action/Reason Codes Job Data
Agency Agency Code Position Data
Act Dt Action Date Job Data
Pos# Full Position Number Position Data
NYS Pos# NYS Position Number NYS Position
Line# Line Number Position Data
NYS Title NYS Position Title NYS Position
Grade NYS Position Grade NYS Position
BU Bargaining Unit NYS Position
Anniv Dt Anniversary Date Job Data
Inc Cd Increment Code Job Data
Fis Sal Fixed Incremented Salary Job Data
Salary Salary Job Data
PBC Pay Basis Code Job Data
Comp Rt Compensation Rate Job Data
EE%/Ind Employee Work
Percentage/Full Part Time Indicator
Job Data
Jur Cl Jurisdictional Class NYS Position
Wk Sch Work Schedule Job Data
Appt Cd Appointment Code Job Data
Pay Grp Pay Group Job Data
Pos FTE Position Full time Equivalent Position Data
EE Type Employee Type Position Data
Earn Prog Earnings Program NYS Position Data
Company Company Position Data
Long NYS Title Long NYS Title NYS Position Data
Long Agency Name Long Agency Name Position Data
Position Loc Code Position Location Code Position Data

Additional Pay Summary

The following chart lists the displayed fields and their descriptions. Note that all data on this page is populated from the Additional Pay attributes:

Field Descripiton
Ern Cd Earnings Code
Eff Dt Effective Date
Earnings The amount of the Annual Earnings (Location, Shift, etc.) or Annual Addl Earnings Field
Biw Pmt Biweekly payment of Adjustment type earnings (ALP Adjust Location Pay, PS1 Pre-Shift Briefing etc.) or the Derived Biweekly amount for an Annual Earnings
Ot Eff Dt Overtime Effective Date
End Dt
End Date
Goal Amt Goal Amount
Goal Bal Goal Balance
Action Dt Action Date
OKPay Okay to pay
Questions Questions about the Employee History Info Summary should be directed to the Agency's Payroll Auditor.