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  Date: October 23, 2003  Bulletin No. 432

Subject New Earnings Code BSA - Back Salary Award
Purpose To provide procedures to State agencies on a new Earnings Code for Back Salary Awards.
Affected Employees Employees eligible for a Back Salary Award.
Background Back Salary Awards may result from the terms of a Court Order, Arbitrator's Award, Human Rights Decision, GOER or Grievance Settlement or Civil Service Commission Action.
Agency Actions
Earnings Code BSA (Back Salary Award) is to be used in Time Entry to replace ADJ (Adjustment) exclusively for Back Salary Awards.

For instructions on processing the payment for all Back Salary Awards, call OSC staff as soon as the determination has been received.

Earnings Code BSA should be used in Time Entry for all Back Salary Awards where ADJ would previously have been used, such as Awards with dates that precede PaySR or awards with predetermined lump sums. Enter the begin and end dates of the period covered by the Back Salary Award and the monetary amount due.

Continue to use Earnings Code RGS (Regular Salary) for all time periods covered by the Back Salary Award where employees have not been paid by the payroll system and as instructed by OSC staff.

Taxes for Earnings Code BSA will be calculated using the employee's current tax information on Federal, State, or Local Tax Data page unless the employee provides the agency with a new W-4 and/or IT-2104, that reflects a change in the tax marital and/ or withholding statuses or a fixed tax situation.

Earnings Code BSA will be reported as wages in the year that it is paid. The agency must contact the appropriate Retirement System to ensure that the employee is given retirement service credit for the proper time period.

Payroll Register and Employee Paycheck/Advice The Earnings Code BSA and the amount will be displayed on the payroll register. The earnings description 'Back Salary Award' and the amount will be displayed on the employee's check or advice.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.