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  Date:  August 4, 2003 Bulletin No. 425

Subject Payroll System Application Security Changes
Purpose To provide an overview of security changes in the upgraded Payroll System.
Affected Employees All PayServ users
August 4, 2003
Overview As described in Payroll Bulletin No. 40, there are eight basic job functions used for determining access in the Payroll System. In PaySR, these job functions were combined into various classes, with one class assigned to each User to provide required access to the system. Due to new functionality in the upgraded system (PayServ), these job functions are now roles, one for update access and one for view access. Each User is assigned a combination of roles depending on his/her job functions.

To accommodate this change in functionality, OSC has automatically converted the security access for all Users from Classes to Roles. 

These changes will allow Payroll Administrators to better define access to the Payroll System and insure Users only have access to the information necessary to perform their job duties.
Agency Actions Attachment A is a description of Security Base Roles and Page Groups that are included for each Role. Please refer to this attachment to determine access for PayServ Users.

Please Note: Payroll Administrators should review each User's access based on the new security roles and request appropriate changes, as necessary.

Attachment B is an explanation of the crosswalk that was used to convert PaySR Security Classes to PayServ Roles. This attachment is provided to assist Payroll Administrators in understanding the changes in Application Security access.

Attachment C is a Security Roles Legend and includes a Roles Naming example. Please review the Roles Naming example prior to reviewing User security access.

Please provide a copy of this bulletin, with attachments to the Security Coordinator in your agency.
OSC Actions OSC will provide Agency Security Coordinators with a revised Technical Security Guide and a new PayServ Security Request Form.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Services mailbox.
Attachment A - Security Base Roles Descriptions
Attachment B - Security Classes to Roles Crosswalk
Attachment C - Security Roles Legend and Naming Example