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  Date:  July 1, 2003 Bulletin No.  418

Subject Changes to Viewing Earnings Balances
Purpose To provide highlights of Earnings Balances Changes resulting from the Upgrade.
Affected Employees Employees with multiple Record Numbers.
Highlights of Changes in PayServ

Employee Record Number has been added to the Earnings Balances page.  Employee Record Numbers are used to track employees with multiple jobs. 

The Earnings Balances page has outer scroll arrows that are used to scroll through calendar year Earnings Balances.  These scroll arrows will also be used to scroll through Employee Record Numbers.

To assure you have the total earnings for an employee, it is important that you scroll on the outer scroll arrow and add each earning for each Employee Record Number. 

You will still be able to view total earnings for all Employee Record Numbers on the Check Balances Year-to-Date page.

Home > Compensate Employees > Maintain Payroll Data (US)  > Inquire > Earnings Balances.

Conversion For years prior to 2003, all earnings will have a zero as the Employee Record Number.  Beginning in 2003, all earnings will be tracked by the appropriate Employee Record Number.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.