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  Date:  July 1, 2003 Bulletin No.  417

Subject Name Change for Paycheck Distribution and View Change for Department Budget Table
Purpose Highlights of changes to Paycheck Distribution and the Department Budget Table resulting from the Payroll System upgrade.
Affected Employees All

Paycheck Distribution is where agencies currently enter one-time splits.  Department Budget Table is where agencies have access to view budget earnings.

Highlight of Changes

Actuals Distribution

Paycheck Distribution, the panel, has been re-named as the Actuals Distribution page.

Department Budget Table
  • To view Position Pool and Appointment Budget Level Earnings, it is no longer necessary to choose either ‘Dept Budget Table – Pos Pool’ or ‘Dept Budget Table – EmplId’ from the list of menu items.  Budget Earnings may now be viewed by choosing either ‘Position Pool’ or ‘Appointment’ from the dropdown box in the new field, Budget Level.
  • To view the Department and Position Pool ID, fill in the following fields:  SetID - SHARE, Department, Fiscal Year, Budget Level - Position Pool, and the Position Pool ID.
  • To view the Appointment, fill in the following fields:  SetID - SHARE, Department, Budget Level - Appointment and EmplID.
Path Actuals Distribution

The new path to view Actuals Distribution is Home>Compensate Employees>Manage Payroll Process (US)>Use>Actuals Distribution

Department Budget Table

The path remains the same to view the Department Budget Table – Home>Define Business Rules>Define Commit Accounting (US)>Setup>Department Budget Table.

Pages Copies of all Actuals Distribution and Department Budget Table pages that have been changed in the Upgrade, along with explanations of the changes, are included as attachments to this bulletin.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.