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  Date:  July 1, 2003 Bulletin No.  412


Changes to the General Comments Page and Hyperlink

Purpose To provide an overview of General Comments and highlight the changes resulting from the Payroll System upgrade.
Affected Employees All Employees

The General Comments page is available for all Payroll System users to store or communicate supporting information about an employee’s record. Agencies must use the General Comments page when additional information is required by OSC for processing a transaction. The General Comments page may also be used by agencies for internal record keeping purposes. OSC also uses General Comments to describe changes made to an employee’s record.

There is only one General Comments page for each employee, regardless of how many record numbers the employee has.
Path Administer Workforce>Administer Workforce (GBL)>Use >General Comments (Agency)
New Fields
  • Sequence Nbr Field:  This field is used to sequence comments that are entered on the same date.
  • Comment Category Field:  This field is used to choose the category to which the General Comments Page relates. The choices are:  Job Req/Ap (the Default), Add’l Pay, Contr Pay, Job, Time Entry, Agency Info, Wrk Comp and Conversion.
System Processing Changes

In addition to the path to the General Comments page, a Comments hyperlink has been established directly linking the user to General Comment pages for the following:

  • Job Data - Work Location
  • Job Requests
  • Workers’ Compensation Refund
  • Contract Pay
  • Additional Pay

By clicking the Comment Category Field, the user is able to categorize a comment as one of the following:

  • Job Req/Ap (the Default) - Job and Transfer Requests.  Comments in the Status Reason field on the Requests panels are not saved after the transaction is processed. To keep a permanent record of any pertinent information, comments must be entered on the General Comments page.
  • Add’l Pay – Additional Pay
  • Contr Pay - Contract Pay
  • Job – Job Data
  • Time Entry – Comments on the Time Entry page are periodically purged. To keep a permanent record, time entry comments must be entered on the General Comments page.
  • Agency Info – Used by agencies for internal use.
  • Wrk Comp – Workers’ Compensation information used to enable OSC staff to process Workers’ Compensation transactions.
  • Conversion – Used to store pre-upgrade comments

OSC will access General Comments when looking for particular information about a transaction.

Agency Actions

The agency must select the appropriate comment category when entering General Comments.

The agency must enter General Comments for all required instances and follow established procedures.

The General Comments page should not be used to transmit requests to OSC to Correct Histories.  The Agency must use the normal procedures to request a Data Change/ Correct History (COR) to correct an employee’s Job or Additional Pay page.  

If the agency wants to submit a comment that does not relate to a transaction, the agency must submit a Data Change/Correct History (COR) to make OSC aware of the comment.

The Comment Date defaults to the current date.  The Comment date must be either the default date of entry or the beginning of the pay period in which the transaction is being processed.

Questions that relate to changes in General Comments processing resulting from the upgrade of the Payroll System (PayServ) to the Payroll Audit mailbox.

Prior to August 4, questions will be answered within two business days.  After August 4, questions will be answered within 24 hours.