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  Date:  July 1, 2003 Bulletin No.  403

Subject Action/Reason Code Changes
Purpose To notify agencies of Action/Reason Codes that have been added, changed or deleted resulting from the Payroll System upgrade and to provide agencies with a complete list of Action/Reason Codes.
All Employees
Overview Action/Reason codes are used in the Payroll System on the Job Data record to specify the reason for the transaction.
Highlights of Changes:System Processing Changes

The Reason Codes EDL (Education Leave) and SKL (Sick Leave) will no longer be available under the Action of PLA (Paid Leave of Absence), but will continue to be available as Reason Codes under the Action of LOA (Leave of Absence).

The following Reason Codes will be established under the Action of PLA to replace the Reason Codes EDL and SKL:

  • EDW (Ed Lv Less than Full Pay):  Used to report a paid educational leave with less than 100% pay
  • SLW (Sick Lv at less than 100% Pay):  Used to report a paid sick leave with less than 100% pay
Link A contains a list of all Reason Codes being deleted and their replacement codes.  The replacement Reason Codes should be used when the corresponding description is the Reason for the reported Action.  New Reason Codes denoted in bold type are to be used only by agencies that also enter transactions into the Department of Civil Service NYSTEP system. 

Link B contains a complete list of all Action and Reason Codes that will be available as of August 4, 2003.

  • OSC will not be updating any current or historical data in the Payroll System to reflect the new Reason Code.

Agency Actions
  • As of August 4, 2003, agencies must begin using the new Reason Codes.
  • Agencies that report Actions into NYSTEP must enter the same Reason Code into both the NYSTEP and Payroll System, when applicable.
  • Helpful Hint:  Using Link B, agencies should consider creating their own list of Action/Reason Codes and identifying only the codes pertaining to their agency.  When entering transactions into the payroll system, this list could be kept easily accessible for agency reference and eliminate the need for the agency to use the Lookup feature that contains a Statewide list of Reason Codes.

Questions that relate to the changes in Action/ Reason codes resulting from the Payroll System upgrade may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.

Prior to August 4, questions will be answered within two business days. After August 4, questions will be answered within 24 hours.