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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  April 14, 2003

Bulletin No. 383

Subject New Object Codes Associated to Earnings Codes for Pre-Shift Briefing (PSB)
To inform agencies of the new Object Codes of 41310 and 42310 associated with the following Earnings Codes:
PS1 - Pre-Shift Briefing NU 01/31
PS2 - Pre-Shift Briefing NU 61/31
PS3 - Pre-Shift Briefing NU 47
PS4 - Pre-Shift Briefing NU 01/31 Hry
AP1 - Adj Pre-Shift Briefing NU 01/31
AP2 - Adj Pre-Shift Briefing NU 47
APB - Adj PSB NU 01/31
RP1 - Retro PreShift Briefing NU 01/31
RP2 - Retro PreShift Briefing NU 47
Affected Employees Employees who are eligible for PSB.
Effective Date Institution checks dated April 17, 2003
Administration checks dated April 23, 2003
Background To better enable agencies to monitor expenditures directly related to pre-shift briefing earnings, the Bureaus of Accounts and Payroll agreed to establish two (2) new Object Codes. Prior to the establishment of the two (2) new Object Codes the Earnings Codes noted currently were previously associated with Object Codes tied to the Account Codes that had been established by agencies on the Position Pool Table. As such, pre-shift briefing earnings (expenditures) were indistinguishable from other Earnings Codes also associated with these Object Codes.
Exceptions If the maximum effective date on the Account Code Table does not have a Cost Center Year of 2003, PSB Earnings Codes will not be charged to the Account Codes associated to the new Object Codes.
Agency Actions None
OSC Processing Object Codes for all associated PSB Earnings Codes will be included in the Department Budget Table - Pos Pool Table.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.