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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  April 10, 2003

     Bulletin No. 381

Subject April 1, 2003 Longevity Payments for Employees Designated Management Confidential (M/C)
Purpose To provide agencies with instructions for processing M/C longevity payments.
Affected Employees Eligible Employees in Bargaining Units 06, 46, 66.
Effective Dates 03/27/03 (Administration) checks dated 4/23/03 1L
04/03/03 (Institution) checks dated 5/1/03 1L
Background Pursuant to Division of the Budget, Budget Bulletin D-1109 authorizing payment of Longevity Payments to M/C employees Grades 603-617.
Eligibility Criteria Longevity Payment Requirements

M/C employees in positions (grades 603 - 617), who complete 5 or 10 years of continuous service as defined by Section 130.8(b) of the Civil Service Law and whose base annual salary is equal to or greater than the job rate of their grade on the April 1, 2002 Salary Schedule are eligible for a longevity payment. The payment is effective from the first day of the period following completion of the required service. For employees with an increment code of 1998 or 1993 who have had continuous paid service, the longevity payment is effective 03/27/03 (Administration) and 04/03/03 (Institution).
Agency Actions The agency must identify eligible M/C employees for the Longevity Payments and submit an appropriate pay change request as they become due throughout the fiscal year, using the Action/Reason codes of Pay Rt Chg (Pay Rate Change)/ LGP (Longevity Pay).
Questions Questions regarding Longevity Payments may be directed the Salary Determination mailbox.

All other questions may be referred to the payroll auditor.