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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  April 2, 2003

   Bulletin No. 375-A

Subject Addendum to Bulletin No. 375 Leap Year Salary Calculation for Fiscal Year 2003-2004
Purpose To provide agencies with the leap year factor to be used in calculations for Fiscal Year 2003-2004.
Affected Employees All employees in Pay Basis Code ANN and CAL (except CAL employees in SUNY grade 980).
Effective Date 3/27/03 Administration
4/03/03 Institution
Additional Information Regarding the Leap Year Calculations For fiscal year 2003-2004, the leap year factor, .038251, will be used to calculate the amount that will appear in the Comp Rate field on the Job Data panel as well as the amount that will appear in the Compensation Rate/Frequency field on the Additional Pay panel, as previously described in Bulletin No. 375. 

The agency must also use this factor to calculate:
The amount of adjustment earnings reported in the Additional Pay panel for earn codes, such as ALP (Adjust Location Pay).
Miscellaneous earnings reported in the Time Entry panel with an amount that is calculated based on an employee's biweekly rate of pay (ex: RGS, RGO).
Questions Contact the agency payroll auditor.