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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 23, 2002

Bulletin No. 365

Subject Revised Direct Deposit Form and Information Sheet
Purpose To announce the availability of the revised Direct Deposit Form (Attachment A -- AC2772). This revision simplifies the completion of the form and allows employees to select multiple accounts.
Affected Employees Employees who enroll or change their Direct Deposit information.
Effective Date Immediately
OSC Actions The revised Direct Deposit form is attached. Also attached is the revised information sheet, "Direct Deposit Program and You" (Attachment B -- AC2810).

These updated materials are posted to the State Payroll Services page on the OSC Web site at www.osc.state.ny.us/payroll.
Agency Actions Agencies should make the new forms available to employees through links on their agency web sites and in new employee orientation programs.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.
  Attachment A - Direct Deposit Enrollment Form and  Information Sheet
  Attachment B - Direct Deposit Program and You