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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 16, 2002

Bulletin No. 332

Subject Query Access to Additional Tables
Purpose To inform agencies that they now have access to other query tables in QRY1
Affected Employees Agency users who create or run queries
Effective Date 08/19/2002
Parent Tables with the Added Tables in QRY1 Users must have access to the parent table in order to have access to the added table.

Parent Table Added Table Query Name
Employment Direct Deposit DIRECT_DEPOSIT
Personal Data General Comments GENL_COMMENT
Pay Check Pay Check Earns PAY_CHECK_EARNS
Pay Check Pay Distribution PAY_DISTRIBUTN
Pay Check Pay Tax PAY_TAX
Pay Tax Pay Tax Distribution PAY_TAX_DIST
Job Position History EE Entry Dates POSN_HISTORY
Information These Tables Can Supply Attachment 1 contains the query table, information available and the field names
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Query Help mailbox.