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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 5, 2002

Bulletin No. 331

Subject New Reveal Reports to Replace Garnishment Notification Letters
Purpose To create a more efficient and secure notification process, new Reveal reports will replace notification letters that are currently mailed to agencies.
Affected Employees Employees with New or Amended garnishments
Effective Date August 12, 2002
Reveal Reports
NBEN744 Agency Employee Deduction Report - Child Support/Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
NBEN745 Agency Employee Deduction Report - Creditor Garnishments
NBEN746 Agency Employee Deduction Report - Federal Levy
Report Information The NBEN744 will list any employee that has a New or Amended Child Support or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy order placed against his/her wages. An amended order page will be created when a change has been made on the Garn Spec panels to the Weekly Deduction Amount, Account Number and Court Officer fields only.

The NBEN745 will list any employee that has a new Creditor Garnishment order placed against his/her wages (ex: State Tax, Student Loan, Creditor Garnishments).

The NBEN746 will list any employee that has a new Federal Levy order placed against his/her wages.

Agencies will have access to only their employees' information. The reports will be in alphabetical order within each agency and list one employee to each page. Page numbers are continuously numbered throughout the report; each agency will not start with page number 1.
Report Frequency OSC will create these reports on Friday each week. They will reflect all orders entered into the system during the previous 7 calendar days and will be available on Monday of the following week.
Agency Responsibility All agencies, whether Institution or Administration cycle, should review this report each week and provide a copy of the applicable page to the employee.

To determine the start date of the garnishment, refer to Paycheck or Garn Spec panels.

For assistance in addressing employee inquiries, please refer to Bulletin No. 258 for additional instructions on accessing garnishment panels.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.