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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  November 23, 2001

 Bulletin No.  291

Subject New Deduction Code 899, New York State (NYS) World Trade Center Relief Fund
Purpose To explain the use of the new deduction code 899
Affected Employees All employees
Administration checks dated 01/02/2002 
Institution checks dated 01/10/2002
Agency Actions Agencies are required to enter the transactions for deduction code 899, NYS World Trade Center Relief Fund, into PaySR on the employee's General Deduction Data (Agency) panel, using the following effective date and deduction end date for the appropriate cycle.
Cycle Effective Date Deduction End Date
Administration (Lag) 12/06/2001 12/04/2002
Institution (Lag) 12/13/2001 12/11/2002
Administration (Current) 12/20/2001 12/18/2002
Institution (Current) 12/27/2001 12/25/2002

NOTE: There are 27 paychecks in the year 2002 for Administration cycle employees.

For Administration Employees who choose to contribute for 27 paychecks the following end dates must be entered:

Administration (Lag) 12/18/2002
Administration (Current) 01/01/2003

Questions Employees' questions concerning this voluntary deduction should be E-mailed to SEFA@ogs.state.ny.us.

regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.