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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  July 10, 2001

Bulletin No. 266

Subject Bank Account Change for New York State Employee Payroll Checks
Purpose To explain the General Checking Account bank change from Key Bank to Fleet Bank
Affected Employees All employees who receive a New York State payroll check currently issued from Key Bank.  This change does not include State Insurance Fund employees.
Checks dated July 18, 2001 Administrative agencies
Checks dated July 26, 2001 Institutional agencies
OSC Actions OSC will begin issuing New York State employee payroll checks from the General Checking account maintained by Fleet Bank.
Agency Actions Please distribute the attached notice to all employees as soon as possible, in order to avoid any confusion to employees trying to cash their paychecks after July 18.  The notice informs employees of the following changes:

Key Bank will only be required to cash non-customer New York State paychecks issued prior to July 18, 2001.
Bank branches at the Empire State Plaza in Albany will be required to continue cashing New York State employee paychecks.
Fleet Bank will cash non-customer paychecks that are drawn on Fleet Bank if two forms of proper identification are provided.
Fleet Bank branch locations can be found by accessing their Website at www.fleet.com.

Agencies are encouraged to remind their employees that participation in the Direct Deposit program is a safe and reliable alternative to receiving a paycheck.
Cashing of Paychecks The current State policy regarding when paychecks may be presented for payment remains the same; that is, Wednesday for Administrative payrolls and Thursdays for Institution payrolls.  The change in depository bank does not affect this policy.
Changes in Procedure for Lost Checks A stop payment can no longer be reversed.  If the original paycheck is subsequently found, the employee will be required to wait for the reissued paycheck.  The procedures for replacing a lost paycheck (outlined in the New York State Accounting System User Procedure Manual, Volume XI Controls and Special Procedures Section 7.0100, dated 10/31/95) have not changed.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Deductions mailbox.