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Bureau of State Payroll Services


Date:  April 25, 2001

 Bulletin No.  253

Subject Establishing Position Numbers for Underfilled Positions
Purpose To provide instructions to agencies for establishing a NYS Position number and to provide a new form for requesting a new NYS Position number.
Affected Employees Trainees and employees in certain title series who are serving in titles that underfill (PR-50) the budgeted title. This only applies to Executive branch employees in the classified service.
Effective Date Immediately.
Background A NYS position is an underfilled position. The employee is placed in a title which is at a lower level than the budgeted position.
NYS Position numbers for employees certified by the Department of Civil Service begin with "62".
A single NYS Position number is used for all employees in an agency having the same underfill title and bargaining unit.
The NYS Position number must be used on the Job Data and Job Action Request panels in conjunction with the employee's budgeted position number.
NYS Positions have no funding attached to them. The funding is associated with the budgeted position.
Agency Action Prior to requesting a new NYS Position number, agencies need to determine if a NYS Position number is already established for the appropriate title and bargaining unit. To determine this, use the following path:
     Manage Positions 
     Use Position 
     Data 1

In the Dialog Box 
     Department-enter Agency Code 
     Line Number-enter 99999

The list box will display all the NYS Position Numbers for the selected agency and the following fields:
Job Code Description Position Status
Department Job Code
Line Number NY Bargaining Unit
Pay Basis Code Grade
Jurisdictional Class OT Indicator

If a NYS Position number does not exist, complete a NYS Position Data Request Form and fax it to OSC at (518) 474-2601. OSC will establish the NYS Position. If the NYS Position is not established within two business days, contact the Position Management mailbox.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Position Management mailbox.