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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: February 22, 2001

 Bulletin No. 236 

Subject New Anniversary Date Field Added to the Job Data 3 Panel
Purpose To explain the use of the new Anniversary Date field on the Job Data 3 panel
Affected Employees All employees
Effective Date February 23, 2001
OSC Action Currently, when an employee is hired, the hire date defaults into the Service Date field on the Employment Data panel.

On the night of February 22, 2001, OSC will add a new field, Anniversary Date, to all Job Data 3 rows that currently exist on an employee’s Job Data record. The service date that currently appears on the Employment Data panel will automatically be inserted into the Anniversary Date field on all Job Data 3 rows.

The Service Date field will no longer exist on the Employment Data panel.

Effective February 23, 2001, when an employee is hired, the hire date will default into the new Anniversary Date field on the Job Data 3 panel.

Path to access the new field:
Go - Administer Workforce - Administer Workforce U.S. - Use - Job Data 3

Agency Action Effective February 23, 2001:
When an agency enters an Action of Rehire, Return from Leave or Return from Disability, the Anniversary Date and the Increment Code fields will be available on the Rehire and Job Data panels for entering a different value.

When an agency requests an Action of Transfer, Pay Change or Position Change, the agency may change an employee’s Anniversary Date, if applicable, on the Transfer or Job Action
Request panel.

If an agency subsequently determines that an employee’s anniversary date is incorrect, the agency must request a Data Change, Reason of AVD (Anniversary Date) on the Job Action Request panel and correct the anniversary date, as appropriate. The Reason of AVD will be added to the Reason Code drop down box and the Reason of SVD will be eliminated.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Salary Determination mailbox.