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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: January 18, 2001

 Bulletin No. 229 

Subject New Statewide Job Summary Panel
Purpose To provide information about a new statewide job summary panel
Affected Employees PaySR users in all security classes
Effective Date Immediately
Background Currently, agencies can view the "pre-PaySR" history of employees by accessing the PaySR Custom-Outside Postings panel. They can view a summary of the PaySR Job Data information for their own employees through the Job Summary panel. (Path: Go - Administer Workforce - Administer Workforce U.S. - Inquire - Job Summary). There will be no change to the panels used to access the existing Job Summary panel.

The new Statewide Job Summary panel will allow agencies to view a summary of the PaySR Job records of an employee in their own agency or in other agencies by entering the employee’s social security number or emplid.

The new panel for statewide access to the summary of Job records has been designed to improve recruitment and transfer processes for state agencies. This change has been made at the request of the Payroll Users Group and numerous PaySR users.

Path to access the new panel: Go - PaySR Custom - Inquire - Statewide Job Summary

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the Payroll Audit mailbox.