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Vendor Responsibility Questionnaires

Organizations that must complete a questionnaire

All non-governmental vendors selected or being considered by a State contracting entity for a grant or contract award valued at $100,000 or more over the term of the agreement is required to disclose relevant information to the contracting entity to allow the contracting entity to conduct a vendor responsibility review. A State contracting entity, at its discretion, may also require vendor disclosure for contracts of lesser value. Typically, the required disclosure is provided via a Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire.

Obtaining a paper form

Hard copy versions of each of the online questionnaires are available and can be printed from the VendRep website at Vendors can also obtain a copy by contacting the State contracting entity's designated contact, or email the VendRep Help Desk via email or phone at Contact Us. The Help Desk will generally be available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday, excluding State holidays.

Automatic qualification based on online answers

A vendor’s response to a single question or a set of questions will not automatically trigger a particular responsibility determination. As with the paper-based process, the contracting entity and OSC must assess the information provided in the vendor’s questionnaire, as well as other relevant information, in making a responsibility determination. Additionally, a non-responsibility finding is not an automatic debarment from doing business with New York State. The vendor’s responsibility must be separately assessed for each potential contract award and no vendor is excluded from consideration based on a prior non-responsibility finding, unless otherwise provided for by law.

Questionnaire's public availability

With the exception of private information such as a social security number, personal address or personal telephone number, information contained in the VendRep System may be released in accordance with the State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). The VendRep System provides each vendor with the ability to identify specific information it believes is, or should be, exempt from FOIL disclosure. A vendor’s designation of exempt information will be considered by the State contracting entity that is required to respond to a FOIL request; however, such designation by a vendor does not guarantee that the information can be exempted from release under FOIL. In addition, information provided in a vendor’s response to an online questionnaire may be released in response to a legal action (e.g., subpoena, court order, etc.).

Questionnaires applying to multiple State contracting entities

A vendor responsibility determination is a unique decision for each contract. The fact that another State contracting entity has found a vendor responsible for one contract does not necessarily make that vendor responsible for all procurements. The same is true of a finding of non-responsibility. A separate assessment by the State contracting entity is warranted.

One exception to this general rule is purchases off State centralized contracts. A vendor responsibility review is required at the time of initial contract award, and therefore a new responsibility determination is not required when purchasing off a centralized contract or backdrop (mini-bid) contract, unless the contracting entity becomes aware of information that may negatively impact the vendor’s responsibility.


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