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Vendor Responsibility Information for State Agencies

What is Vendor Responsibility?

Vendor Responsibility generally means that a vendor has the integrity to justify the award of public dollars and the capacity to perform the requirements of the contract fully. Procurement laws and guidelines require the award of State contracts to responsible vendors. It is a contracting entity's duty to evaluate the responsibility of a prospective contractor.

What is a Responsibility Determination?

A responsibility determination, wherein the State contracting entity determines that it has reasonable assurances that a vendor is responsible, is an important part of the procurement process, promoting fairness in contracting, mitigating contract issues, and protecting a contracting entity and the State against failed contracts.

What factors should be considered in making a Responsibility Determination?

State contracting entities evaluate a vendor's responsibility with respect to four factors:

  • Financial and organizational capacity
  • Legal authority to do business in New York State
  • Integrity
  • Previous performance

Additional Information about the Vendor Responsibility Process


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