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NYS Comptroller


Vendor Responsibility

Forms for Vendor Use

Vendor Responsibility Questionnaires

The New York State Vendor Responsibility Questionnaires were designed for use by contracting entities to obtain the necessary disclosure from prospective vendors. There are four versions of the standardized questionnaire, which mirror the questionnaires available online through the VendRep System.

Select the questionnaire which best matches the business type (either For-Profit or Not-For-Profit) and business activity (Construction or Other). When the form is completed, it should be sent to the requesting State contracting entity; it should not be sent to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) unless it is specifically requested.

Vendors are now required to include their New York State Vendor Identification Number (Vendor ID) on each vendor responsibility questionnaire. For additional information about a Vendor ID, visit



Helpful hints for completing a form:

  • Save the MS Word or Excel document to your personal computer before beginning data entry.
  • Adobe version 5.0 or above necessary for PDF files.
  • Construction business entities may want to save the attachment files at the same time that they save the general questionnaire.
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