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NYS Comptroller


Update Vendor Information and Access

As a New York State vendor, you must ensure your business information is accurate and up to date with the Office of the New York State Comptroller (OSC). You have the option to do so online 24/7 through the Vendor Self-Service Portal or manually by mailing in forms AC-3326-S or AC-3327-S, which can take up to eight weeks to process. Additionally, you can create and manage Vendor Self-Service user log-ins for others in your company, allowing those users to access your vendor’s information.

Update Address and Contact Information

Maintain address and contact information by logging in to the Vendor Portal in SFS. You can both update and add addresses and contacts through the Vendor Portal. Your changes will take effect immediately.

Please note that you can’t update the default remittance address or change the primary contact through the Vendor Portal. Instead, you must file the paper form AC-3326-S to update the default remittance address and the paper form AC-3327-S to change the primary contact. Updates made to primary contact information, where the primary contact will remain the same, can still be made through the Vendor Portal (for example, updating a title due to a promotion, phone information due to a move).

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Update Bank Information for Direct Deposit

To change your banking information for direct deposit, see Receive Payments via Direct Deposit (ePayments).

Update Vendor Name

Complete and mail both forms below:

Update Business Structure

If your business acquires or merges with an existing New York State vendor or dissolves, you must notify OSC by emailing

Add or Update Vendor Self-Service User Roles

While creating Vendor Self-Service user log-ins for others in your company, you have two role options to choose from: Administrator and Guest. This enables you to give those user log-ins the appropriate level of access.

Role Definitions:

1. The Primary Contact/Administrator is able to:

  • designate guest roles for other employees to log into the account
  • add and update addresses and contacts, including the primary contact
  • view financial information

2. The Guest is able to:

  • add and update addresses and contacts
  • view financial information

For step-by-step online instructions, select the “help” link once you have logged into the Vendor Portal and select the appropriate topic. If any further assistance is needed, please contact the help desk at or (855) 233-8363.