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Preparing for Retirement

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Part Five: Divorce and Your Pension

Divorce and Your Pension

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New York State & Local Retirement System Hearing Administration and Matrimonial Bureau 110 State Street, Mail Drop 7-9a Albany, NY 12244

Email the Hearing Administration and Matrimonial Bureau at

If your pension will be divided, how it’s divided must be stated in the Domestic Relations Order (DRO). That’s the court-issued document providing us with detailed instructions on how to divide your pension when you retire. Have your attorney send us a copy of a proposed DRO so we can review it before the court does.

If your attorney has any questions, he or she can contact our Hearing Review/Matrimonial Bureau.

If the DRO is vague or contains inconsistent or contradictory provisions, we can’t accept it. It takes us about 5 days to respond to proposed and final DROs.